Top 9 Home Remedies for Warts

If you have warts on your skin that you can’t seem to get rid of, worry no longer

… Because you’re about to learn exactly how to get rid of your warts, by using natural foods that you can simply buy at your local grocery store.

home remedies for warts
These remedies work effectively for warts that grow on any part of your body, whether it’d be your feet, fingers, face, neck, arms, legs, and so on.

If you want to avoid painful surgeries, or are too embarrassed to reveal your warts to anyone, these remedies are going to come clutch.

Preparing The Affected Skin Area

Before you apply anything on your wart, it’s important to prepare your wart and the surrounding skin, so that you can treat it safely and effectively:remove warts on skin

I) Wash your wart and the surrounding skin with soap and water, and pat it dry.

II) Use an emery board to scrub off the outer, tough layer of the wart. This removes the layer of dead cells on top of the wart, and allows you to attack the main body of the wart directly.

III) Soak the affected area in warm water for 5 – 10 minutes. Afterwards, pat the area dry. This process softens the skin and makes it easier to penetrate the wart.

natural wart removal

Now that we’ve completed the preparation process, we’re ready to move on to the main battle

Wart Remedies #1 – 3: Fluidswart removal apple cider vinegar

1. Apple Cider Vinegar – Contains potent anti-inflammatory properties, which eliminate the viruses that cause warts.

2. Lemon Juice – The acidic property of lemon juice creates an environment where the viruses cannot survive. Lemon juice also detoxifies the tissue of the wart.
pineapple juice home remedies for planters warts
3. Pineapple Juice – Just like lemon juice, pineapple juice is also an acidic substance that kills the viruses.

      Treatment Steps:
    • Soak a cotton ball into the liquid, and place it on the wart.
    • Seal the cotton ball with duct tape. Do this before bed.
    • In the morning, take everything off, and wash your wart and the surrounding skin.
    • Re-do the taping process.
    • Repeat this procedure every morning and night until the wart is fully gone.

Wart Remedies #4 – 6: Spicesgarlic natural wart remover

4. Garlic – The strong sulphur content in garlic consists of antiviral and antifungal properties, which are not only effective for wart removal, but various other skin conditions as well.

5. Onion – Has strong antimicrobial properties that help to kill off the virus.ginger home remedies for plantar warts

6. Ginger – Another powerful anti-inflammatory agent that supports the treatment of warts.

      Treatment Steps:
    • Make a poultice out of the spice, and place it on the wart.
    • Follow the exact same taping process as the fluid remedies.

Wart Remedies #7 – 9: Peelingsbanana home remedies for wart removal

7. Banana Peel – The inner part of the banana peel contains proteolytic enzymes that dissolve the wart infected tissue.

8. Papaya Skin – Papain, an enzyme in the papaya skin prevents the viruses in the wart from growing, and causes the wart to shrink and die over time.potato plantar wart home treatment

9. Potato Skin – The alkaline properties of raw potato skin also keep the viruses in the wart from growing, which causes them to die out gradually.

      Treatment Steps:
    • Cover the wart with the inner part of the peeling, and seal it with duct tape.
    • Keep the tape on for at least 2 hours.
    • Afterwards, remove everything and rinse your skin.
    • Repeat 2 or 3 times a day until the wart completely falls off.

Important Points To Remember

best way to remove warts✔ ALWAYS wash your hands after touching your warts. Warts are contagious, and can spread from contact.

✔ Avoid touching or scratching your warts. Be careful not to let it get in contact with anyone else.

✔ Be very persistent, and treat your warts every single day until they completely disappear.

wart removal duct tape✔ If you commit yourself to treating your warts on a daily basis, and don’t skip any days, you should witness your warts disappear around 3 ~ 6 weeks.

✔ When your warts fall off, continue treating the area until it is fully clear of warts. Warts can easily reoccur if not fully treated.

Faster Solution…

If you’re caught up on a busy schedule, or just don’t have enough patience to wait several weeks for your warts to disappear, I recommend that you look into a much faster solution called Wartrol.
wartrol amazing wart removal

Wartrol is a natural wart removal cream that can get your warts cured in a fraction of the time that the food remedies will take you.

It is also much more convenient, since it only takes a few seconds to apply each day.

homeopathic wart removal products reviewsIt is just as painless and safe as the food remedies, as it is made of 100% natural ingredients that are approved by the FDA.

If you need your warts to be permanently gone within a week or even less, Wartrol is your best bet.

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Whichever treatment method you decide to go with, make sure to take action as soon as possible, because your warts will get worse if you let them be!

If you have any questions or concerns , don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below, and I’ll gladly help you out as soon as I can.

Be well 🙂

– Jason Burke

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